Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recycled Scents from Philosophy

Oooh! What's this? New body wash from Philosophy? Why yes! It's their Let Go Let Love lime scented, high foaming, shower and bath gelee.

But wait, how is this different from their You Deserve The Lime Light 3-in-one product from last summer? I have no idea. I do know you can't get this one from the site anymore. They also did this with their lemonade, tangerine and pomegranate scents.

Why not just put those out again, instead of calling the same fragrances they released last summer "new". This bugs me. Yeah, the new product isn't a shampoo but it's still a lime body wash just like the lime body wash that they released last summer. What, has Philosophy run out of scents?


  1. Mmmm, lime-y. Looks yummy.

  2. their soaps are so creamy and smell so good!! At some point, i thought about subscribing to their power programs where you get a shower gel each month or something like that. When i saw the price, i logged out!

  3. Hey Nywele,

    Yeah, I remember that. That price was crazy. Their stuff a t total splurge for me. $16 is a LOT for a bottle of shower gel. Stuff from Ulta is just as good.

  4. The Body Shop used to discontinue and re-introduce the same exact scent soap - they did it three separate times over about 5 years or so. Finally, they just stopped carrying it. Needless to say it was my favorite. Its last incarnation: "olive oil".