Monday, April 06, 2009

Join me in the 50 Million Pound Challenge!

Hey, Home Spa Goddess here!

Sorry, but no video post today:( I'm getting over a cold and just not up to it. I am keeping on track with my weight loss plan and I'm hoping you'll join me.

I'm doing the 50 Million Pound Challenge, sponsored by State Farm. The site has tools that will help you track your exercise and weight loss. You can even sign up for a kit that includes a guide, interactive CD and a pedometer.

You can also set up "Teams", if you and a group of friends are planning on losing weight together. I've created a Team you can join :HSG Bathing Beauties. You will have to join the main site to be a part of my team.

I'm starting this week and I'm taking it slow. This week is all about :

* Getting up at 5am every day. It's the time I'll have to get up to exercise because I want to do it in the morning. This week I just want to get used to getting up at this time. Next week it's time to exercise.

*Tracking everything I eat. I'm going "diet 2.0" with this and will be using pics to create my food diary. I'm going to be taking pics with my iPhone and setting up a Twitter account as my food diary. I can take pics and send them there. I got the idea from here.

Follow my food diary here:HSGFoodDiary

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