Monday, July 17, 2006

The Lip Scrub

This weeks site updates are in the Pedicure Blog. Then why am I talking about a lip scrub on the home page? Because I'm seeing this everywhere and I am intrigued and amazed that Sara Happ managed to create such intense buzz about this and charge $20(!) for it. Yes the site is "Pottery Barn" perfect, and yes the packaging is delightful, (I'd ooh and aah if I got this as a gift), and yes it's edible, but - please. $20? It's a great idea, but a better idea is to mix a packet of sugar and a teaspoon of honey in your palm and deliciously scrub your own lips to a smooth finish. Then you can use what's left to give yourself a hand scrub. Total cost? Sugar, free. Honey, about $2.90 for a bottle that will last forever (literally, honey doesn't spoil) or also free if you get those packets from KFC. Sigh. Ignore me; I'm just bitter because I didn't think of this first. That's why she's got the site of the week - because she has mad lip-scrub-making skills.

Anyway, head over to the Pedicure Blog see what my picks were this week. Also, It's the last week to vote in the Best in Bath and Beauty Awards. Click the link to vote or nominate yourself.

Cool Site of the Week: the lip scrub

What would I buy? Cocoa Lip Scrub

Get your beauty on at the lip scrub

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I almost carried this scrub in my Spatique, but look at the ingredients. Petroleum is a main ingredient. Pity. $20 for packaging, that's about it.