Monday, April 21, 2008

Jump Start by Origins

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Need help getting started in the morning? Try out the Jump Start line from Origins.

The site says this line will put "More power in your shower"

I would love to try the stimulating body wash ($18.50), body bar ($10), and body lotion ($21).

Sooooooo, as the site says: "When you're too weary to wake up or when your system starts to stall, let nature's spark plugs maximize your momentum with Origins Jump Start."

Gloom Away by Origins

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Origins has brought back their Gloom Away line. The Origins website describes this as a "Lively grapefruit surrounds your whole body with a sense of optimism and contentment."

Well, who wouldn't want a body wash that does that!

I want the body souffle ($27), body-buffing cleanser ($20), and the body wash/bubbling bath ($21).

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gillette Embrace Review

Happy Monday! Click the video below to hear my thoughts on the Gillette Embrace 5 blade razor. It's the first 5 blade razor for women.