Sunday, December 24, 2006

Paradise Pen #4

Pen #4 is the Patriot Pen

When I saw this I thought about my friend Adrienne at 24 The Next Hour, this amazing podcast about the show 24 (which is back in one month, I can't wait!).

Everyone on that show is always calling themselves a "Patriot", and Adrienne commented about it in one of the podcasts. I think this would be perfect for her to take show notes with:) Jack Bauer would probably enjoy this pen too.

The site says:

"Oh, its home again and home again, America for me! I want a ship that's westward bound to plough the rolling sea. To the blessed land of Room Enough beyond the ocean bars, where the air is full or sunlight and the flag is full of stars." Henry Van Dyke

The Patriot Pen has three bands of Swarovski crystals, red, white and blue. The Continental Congress left no record as to why these colors were chosen for the United States flag, but the colors were chosen by the Congress of the Confederation when designing The Great Seal of the United States. Their meaning is as follows: white to mean purity and innocence, red for valor and hardiness, and blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice. A fitting tribute to the character and soul of someone chosen to own the Patriot Pen.

The clip of the Patriot Pen represents the waving of the flag, flowing freely in the spirit of this great country. The name Patriot Pen is engraved on the back of the ball point pen and on the front of the roller ball and fountain pen. All three modes include a recognition plate on the cap the pen, which we can engrave for you. The pen is rhodium plated to preserve its bright protective finish and hardness.

The Patriot Pen box is designed for presentation and desk tops. It is made of mahogany, hand rubbed with multiple coats of lacquer. The outside top of the box includes the Patriot logo underneath the lacquer.

Inside, on the top lid of the box, the following phrase is printed: "Patriot - One who loves, supports, and defends one's country."

Fountain Pen Medium Point $115.00
Roller Ball $105.00
Ball Point $95.00

Get yours at Paradise Pen

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Paradise Pen #3

Pen #3 is the Monteverde Medalia

Again, I want the pink one.

The site says:

"The beauty of hand-made acrylic resins and special metals bring back the always-ready attitude of the Roaring 1920’s. Inspired by the highly collectible Jewelry Pens of the Art Deco Period, Medallia is the handiest pen in eighty years! The Medallia Ballpoint Pen is worn on a period style silver chain like a necklace. Invisible magnets hold the barrel to the cap so Medallia opens and closes without twisting, turning, clicking, or looking. The MONTEVERDE Medallia will be there just when you need a pen most!"

Ball Point $45.00

Get yours at Paradise Pen

[Manicures] New videos...

Here is part one of how to do a home french manicure.

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[Body] Tonight's bath...

Candy Cane Bubble Bar from Lush ($6.25)

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Elemis spa time at Nordstrom...

There is soooooo much to read here about the new Elemis treatments available at Nordstrom's, I won't try to recap. Just go there and check it out.

Very Merry scent...

This candle ROCKS! The scent is so strong, a very merry berry indeed. It also burned evenly. Get yours from Ulta for $5. It was worth it:)

Paradise Pen #2

Pen #2 is the Cartier Charm Pen

I want the pink one, but I couldn't grab an image of that color.

The site says:

"What woman could forget her favorite charm bracelet? Collecting a wish. Adding a toy or a totem. Wearing a place you visited, or a place you always wanted to go. Every birthday adding another link to what eventually became an irreplaceable piece of art. Cartier reminisces in a charming way with this beautiful collection of Charm Lacquer Pens. Delicious colors. Practical size. A perfect gift for little girls of any age. Collect the whole set! Give them to your friends!"

Ball Point $250.00

Get yours at Paradise Pen

Saturday, December 09, 2006

[Body] Neutrogena says relax...

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Neutrogena wants you to be stress free this holiday season. Not only have they created a Relaxing Holiday set to make getting your home spa on easy, they have a great article here with tips on how to "De-Stress Before the Holidays" and a printable gift guide to make shopping for all of you Neutrogena obsessed friends a serene experience.

For pics and links visit the Stylehive for here, and click on the "december 2006 beauty blast" tag.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday party behavior....

Do NOT act like this...remember, you will have to work with these people the next day and in the months ahead:)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

This month's reading selection...

I finished my last book (Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk) a month ago and I have been searching for something new to read. I found it last night after I spent over 30 minutes at the fake site that had been created for it. The book is Next by Michael Crichton and it's his latest scientific thriller.

I don't know who is in charge of the advertising for this book, but I want them working for me. HarperCollins publishes his books, but I want the team assigned to him. This site is unbelievable. They even have fake commercials for the fake company the book is about, NEXTgencode.

NEXTgencode can make all of your sci-fi body mod dreams come true. Good ones (growing new limbs and body parts after accidents or surgery) and bad (3 foot cockroaches for pets). You'll look younger after being there because you skin will literally be younger.

Visit NEXTgencode, but watch this ad for the PermaPuppy first.

Green Valley Ranch, bubble bath videos, and $89 per night...

I learned about Green Valley Ranch when I saw an ad in InStyle that featured a woman in a bubble bath and the caption "no.6, Bubble Bath Concierge". How could I NOT investigate further...

At the site you can view videos that explain why all the hep cats stay at Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino. My fave of course is no. 6

Why am I telling you all this? Because I received an email from the uber cool folks at Green Valley Ranch with the December room rates:)

Dec 10-14 and 17-21 are $89 a night(!)

I wish I could go. Sigh.

Check out video no. 6 at The site is very flash heavy, so proceed only if your computer can take it. You can also add them as a friend on MySpace.

I know this isn't a beauty product...

...but I just HAVE to share. My mom got a catalogue from Paradise Pen on Friday. They sell "fine writing instruments". Man, do they sell fine writing instruments. The pens are all equal in their beauty, but some are more equal than others.

I'm going to share my favorites with you this week. If you get a chance to lay hands on a catalogue, take it. It's beautifully photographed and exquisitely written. I love well written catalogues:)

On with the pens..

Pen #1 is the Cartier La Dona Menagerie

I started with this pen because the price of the others will pale in comparison.

The site says:

"In the 1940’s, screen star Maria Felix, known as “La Doña,” became the Mexican Marilyn Monroe. The leading lady of almost 50 films, she was an international sensation. Painted by Rivera and Cocteau; inspiring writers like Paz and Fuentes. Her smoldering screen presence was eclipsed only by her unerring fashion sense, especially in jewelry. At her request, luxury jewelry designer Cartier created a stunning gold crocodile necklace. This incredible necklace is the inspiration for the La Doña pen, the second offering in the Menagerie Collection signed by Cartier. Gold-plated. Nib engraved with a crocodile head and the year 2006. Exotically expressive."

Fountain Pen Medium Point $4000.00 (That's right, $4000.00)
Roller Ball $860.00
Ball Point $730.00

Get yours at Paradise Pen

A holiday spa treatment I need right now....

Spa at the Four Seasons - The Shopper's Foot Indulgence

The site says:

"The ultimate in pampering. Let your feet soak in sea salts and oils, to help promote relaxation and increased circulation. Meanwhile, relax in the heated pedicure chair and enjoy a heated neck wrap and hand massage with our nourishing body cream. To complete the pampering, enjoy a foot massage with vitamin A-E-C body cream to help restore tone and elasticity. (25 minutes)"


Tonight's bath...

Organic Bath Co. Sea Mineral Bath Soak, White Tea No. 22
Organic Bath Co. Bubble Bath, White Tea No. 22

Cargo Gift Tags

This year your friends can get their gloss on while they open their gifts. Why? Because their ultra cool friend(you) adorned them with Cargo's GlossyGreetings Gift Tags.

Why didn't I think of this?

Ooooh, a Spa Deck

I've seen this a few times, but I could never look at the cards because it's wrapped in plastic:(

I want to see before I buy, is that so wrong? I get so annoyed when there isn't an open sample for books that are wrapped in plastic.

You can get it new from $3.99 at

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[Pedicures] Do-It-Yourself Pedicure Instructions with Danielle -Part.12

Here is Pedi video 12:)

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Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. Visit Until There's a Cure to buy The Bracelet and help support the search for a cure.

[Manicures] OPI Holiday Colors

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Opi has new shades for the holidays. The OPI Rockettes Holiday Nail Polish Collection has Very Merry Holiday Reds and Glamorous Golds and Browns.

For pics and links visit the Stylehive for here, and click on the "all i want for xmas 2006" tag.

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Today's Holiday Video is...

"The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole

[Pedicures] Do-It-Yourself Pedicure Instructions with Danielle -Part.11

Here is Pedi video 11:)

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[Body] Skin Voice, Vaseline, and Cocoa Butter

I'm not sure what I think about this. I don't know one black person that is unaware of the wonder that is Vaseline. I consider it a close personal friend, but I have always found their lotions to be much too watery. I've been seeing these Skin Voice ads on the trains here in Chicago and as I sit here typing this I honestly don't remember Vaseline products mentioned or pictured. The ads feature close-ups of light to dark brown skin and ask "What does your skin mean to you?" There is a web address on the pics inviting you to visit the site and tell your "skin story".

I was a little shocked today to discover in my inbox an email from them about their new Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion and a chance to win a exclusive all expense paid trip to the 38th annual NAACP Image Awards. Huh?

I click on the link which takes me to a lovely flash happy web site that features the "skin stories" of everyday and famous African-Americans. There is beautiful, close-up, artsy photography of nude African-American models of various skin tones. I did notice that very light skin wasn't featured, light brown to dark brown (a LOT of dark brown) models were used. Being a chocolate sister myself, this was very refreshing.

I guess I was shocked because I feel like this product as being marketed as "The Vaseline Lotion for Black People". I didn't understand this because the site features only a tiny blurb about why cocoa butter is what African-American skin needs on the product page for the lotion. As I surfed the site I expected to find TONS of info on why I should buy this. There was a great section on skin health, why skin has color and skin, the sun and aging. The only mention of cocoa butter and how it relates to dark skin was not explained well at all.

Yes, most black people use cocoa butter, but...I don't know. If this was a new product from Palmer's, which has had distinct "African-American" focused and "Caucasian" focused ad campaigns for years, I don't think I would have given this a second thought.

Check out the site for yourself here, and make up your own mind. I'll try the lotion next week and let you know what I think.

What are your thoughts?

Posted by The Home Spa Goddess to Body at 11/30/2006 10:08:00 PM