Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HSG Show #135 is a tall drink of water

Welcome! The HSG Show Podcast brings you bath, body and beauty news three times a week.

In this show I'll talk about new products from Dior and Olay, and I'll give you my reviews of products from Natty Girl and Calgon.

The HSG Show is all about living the spa lifestyle, and staying hydrated is part of that. Today you'll learn about five delicious and refreshing varieties of bottled water. Drink up! Water is very important for your skin.

There's a new HSG Show feature, the "Indie Spotlight". Today the spotlight is on Braids By Breslin. I'll also let you know some of the great deals available in the HSSC Spring Boutique.

Henna from The Canadian Beauty Blog provided the opening bumper for today's show. Thanks Henna!

Check out the show notes for links to all of the products and sites mentioned.

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Now it's time for today's HSG Show...

HSG Show #135

The Home Spa Goddess Show is a daily podcast to help you live the spa lifestyle at home!

In this episode - Natty Body Butter / Calgon Juic'd / Braids by Breslin / Water 101 / HSSC Spring Boutique / Olay Eye Pod / $58 Lip Gloss

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Spring is the thing and it's time to clear out your winter stash of bath and body products. Buy some new stuff at the HSSC Spring Boutique. You deserve it!

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