Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gillette Embrace Review

Happy Monday! Click the video below to hear my thoughts on the Gillette Embrace 5 blade razor. It's the first 5 blade razor for women.


  1. FANTASTIC review, HSG! I love my Venus Vibrance razor, but I use the Divine blades on it since they seem to be a little more gentle and moisturizing for me. I'll have to try the Embrace when I upgrade next. Thanks again, you're the best!

  2. “Maybe I had too much hair on my legs,” LOL!! You sound like me, chile. When don’t I have too much hair on my legs? I shave about 6 times a year so I’m not a huge razor consumer except for my under arms. But I am always looking for a GOOD one (which, is extremely hard to find) that won’t give me razor bumps. I may need to try the Embrace. Why is the shower pod so cute? And why am I attracted to a freakin’ holder? LOL! And I’m glad you pointed out how the hair rinses out because I’ve had that issue with other razors before. I’m getting this today!! Great review!