Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara Review

The video might need to load completely before you can watch it. If it stutters press pause and let the gray bar under the video fill in completely. Then press play again.
If you still can't view the video, watch it on my show page here at blip.tv


  1. great review! I saw it at walgreens and wanted to try it out, but wasn't sure.. so thanks.

    Maybe you're busy and forgot to send it, but for the october giveways, I won, and I was wondering if you had the chance to send them out yet?
    thank you! Have a great day.

  2. I'm surprised you liked this so much. I reviewed it on my own blog, and think it's the worst mascara I've ever tried. It left my lashes straight, only very slightly longer, and looked like I wasn't wearing mascara at all - in the worst possible way. The only bonus I can see to it is the attractive packaging and the fact that it doesn't clump - but it doesn't clump because it doesn't make lashes thicker, longer, or curvier.

  3. @Jen
    Do to post office insanity, I have to remail all of the prizes:( At least they were returned to me. They are going out slowly, but they are going out.

    Sorry to hear you didn't like the Sexy Curves. I read the post on your blog and there was no difference in your lash pics:(
    I will try and take a close up lash pic of me with it on and post it with my next lash review:)

  4. Haha, thanks! I tried several times with it, but it just didn't work for me! Have you tried Bourjois Liner Effect mascara? That's one of my favourites at the minute.

  5. HomeSpaGoddess,
    Oh i see. Yeah, I was just wondering, what happened to my prize!!? hehe =) But good to know, it's on it's away.. =)

  6. thanks for the review! i can't wait until it hits our stores here. i don't need anything but volume and this one seems like it will deliver! can't wait to try!.... buuutt now that anastasia mentions the borjois.. i might give that a go instead!

  7. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Thanks for the review. I didn't like the Rimmel mascara that I tried last year, I might just check it out because it's inexpensive.