Monday, July 20, 2009

50 Million Pound Challenge - Cherry Smoothies

I'm doing the 50 Million Pound Challenge, sponsored by State Farm. The site has tools that will help you track your exercise and weight loss. You can even sign up for a kit that includes a guide, interactive CD and a pedometer.

I've created a 50 Million Pound Challenge Team you can join : HSG Bathing Beauties. You will have to join the main site to be a part of my team.

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Today's Post - Cherry Smoothies

One of the breakfast items allowed on the 50 Million Pound Challenge diet plan is a smoothie. I want to share my fave smoothie recipe with you:) I called this post "Cherry Smoothies" but you can substitute any fruit you want - cherry is my favorite.

You need:

1 & a half cups of plain or vanilla yoghurt (any kind you like - I love Silk Soy Vanilla)
1 cup of the frozen fruit of your choice.
1 banana
1 packet of sweetner or sugar to taste. (I use one packet of Stevia sweetener)

Blend the yoghurt, sweetener, and banana first until smooth. Then add the frozen fruit and blend until all of the major chunks are gone.

Mmm,mmm, good!


  1. Hey great recipe - but I think it would be even better to use plain or greek youghurt just to avoid any color or suger or other addatives that you don't want on your face!

    Nina (

  2. Hi Nina,

    I couldn't comment on your blog:(

    I was checking out some Greek youghurt the other day.