Monday, December 04, 2006

I know this isn't a beauty product...

...but I just HAVE to share. My mom got a catalogue from Paradise Pen on Friday. They sell "fine writing instruments". Man, do they sell fine writing instruments. The pens are all equal in their beauty, but some are more equal than others.

I'm going to share my favorites with you this week. If you get a chance to lay hands on a catalogue, take it. It's beautifully photographed and exquisitely written. I love well written catalogues:)

On with the pens..

Pen #1 is the Cartier La Dona Menagerie

I started with this pen because the price of the others will pale in comparison.

The site says:

"In the 1940’s, screen star Maria Felix, known as “La Doña,” became the Mexican Marilyn Monroe. The leading lady of almost 50 films, she was an international sensation. Painted by Rivera and Cocteau; inspiring writers like Paz and Fuentes. Her smoldering screen presence was eclipsed only by her unerring fashion sense, especially in jewelry. At her request, luxury jewelry designer Cartier created a stunning gold crocodile necklace. This incredible necklace is the inspiration for the La Doña pen, the second offering in the Menagerie Collection signed by Cartier. Gold-plated. Nib engraved with a crocodile head and the year 2006. Exotically expressive."

Fountain Pen Medium Point $4000.00 (That's right, $4000.00)
Roller Ball $860.00
Ball Point $730.00

Get yours at Paradise Pen

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