Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plum Bubbles

The Body shop has new bath and body for the holidays. Rich Plum in one of the new product ranges and the site is catagorizing their Cranberry range as new but I remember this from last year. The Rich Plum Shimmering Bath Bubbles are pictured on the right

**RejuvaWand Update**

I like this RejuvaWand but I need WAAAAAAY more "RejuvaGel". It makes the wand glide smoothly and you need to use a lot of it. The site also says that it was "created to improve the transmission of light from the RejuvaWand to the skin", so you do need it. You only get 2oz and I think it will all be gone in another week. I wonder if I could use Aloe Vera gel.....another 2oz of RejuvaGel will cost me $35(!)

The holidays are coming and so is the HSSC Holiday Boutique!

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