Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fall has only just begun...

I've just begun to get into the whole "Fall" vibe. I've decided to have my own personal Fall until Thanksgiving since most of September and October was 80 degrees and sunny here in Chicago. It's hard to get excited about new sweaters and wool suits when you can still get away with tank tops and flip flops. October is dominated by Halloween decor (at least it is in my house), so I've just started to "fall into Fall".

Unfortunately, most retail stores are ruining my buzz by thrusting Xmas trees, mistletoe and giftwrap in my face. What happened to holiday shopping starting the day after Thanksgiving? I think I'm just bitter because I don't feel like I've had an enough time to ease into the usual end of the year madness. Weather sets the tone for me, it always has, and the super hot September and October we experienced had me all out of wack. I couldn't live where it was always hot or always cold, I'd become psychotic.

Tha's enough complaining for one day:) Happy Fall everyone!

The holidays are coming and so is the HSSC Holiday Boutique!

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