Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Madness is almost here...

It's almost time.. for Lush Holiday bath bombs. I still have two holiday bombs left from last year from the bunch I bought. I stopped using them after they caused one bath catastrophe after another. Stains, glitter, paper...grrrr.

The new (and old) holiday bombs are up on the Lush site. These bombs would look amazing as decoration on a platter as a holiday centerpiece. Check out the Lush Pud to the right. Isn't it cute? Sure it is. Just proceed to your tub with caution.

*RejuvaWand Update*

So far, so good. I'm still worried by the amount of Rejuva Gel I need to use to get a comfortable treatment. The manual recommends a dime size amount for each area to be treated. Ha! Not bloody likely. I'm gonna try to conserve it, but, I don't know...

I was still using my old skin care system ( wash, moisturizer) when I started with the wand but now I'm all out. I was given the "Rejuva Revitalizing Skincare Program" with the wand so I'm going to give it a try. More info on that in the next update.

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  1. Overallbeauty4:13 AM

    I been using my Wand for over 6 weeks now and I can see some difference. BUT I am with you, the amount of gel they say to use, its nuts! I used way more than just a dime worth. I been looking to get more gel but a 2 oz bottle is $35.00! And you can only get it from the owners of the
    Wand. :(

    Glam member Rejvua Wand tester.
    ~ Kim