Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Haloween!!!

I got a trick instead of a treat with this beauty purchase:(

The video might need to load completely before you can watch it. If it stutters press pause and let the gray bar under the video fill in completely. Then press play again.

If you still can't view the video, watch it on my show page here at

The contents of my "Nail Glam Kit":

Yes, the last two do look exactly alike. *Sigh*

My other purchases:


  1. Happy Halloween too! :)

  2. @askmewhats & amina

    Happy Halloween to you too:)

  3. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I saw that same Sally Hansen nail kit a few days ago. First, it looked good but on further inspection I could see it's a gimmik buy. Sadly, my last Sally Hansen nail polish purchase was a big dissapointment. The polish was clumpy and dried really soft so that even the next day marks were being embedded into the polish just from regular use of my fingers! Any good experience withe this brand? Please share your expertise. Thanks!

  4. @anonymous

    Sorry to hear about your bum polish:( My favorite Sally Hansen product of all time is the Mega SHin Extended Wear Top coat. It is the best product ever. Are you watching the videos? I'll do a video about it soon:)