Monday, May 04, 2009

50 Million Pound Challenge : Loosing Weight With The iPhone 5.4.09

I'm doing the 50 Million Pound Challenge, sponsored by State Farm. The site has tools that will help you track your exercise and weight loss. You can even sign up for a kit that includes a guide, interactive CD and a pedometer.

I've created a 50 Million Pound Challenge Team you can join : HSG Bathing Beauties. You will have to join the main site to be a part of my team.

Follow my food diary here:HSGFoodDiary

I wanted to share my favorite iPhone weight loss app with you:)

It's called Loose It and it's free in the iTunes App Store.

I love it because it makes keeping a food diary easy and fun. You can add previous meals and combine foods (like the parts of a sandwich - bread, mayo, tomato, etc.) into custom "recipes" that you can enter easily into you food log again and again.

You can view past entries to see how you are doing and see where you need to take action.

Here are screen shots of my copy of Loose It from the first week of my diet. This is the weekly view:

As you can see I went over my daily calorie budget quite often. When I would check my daily log I noticed it was usually from my dinner choices.

Here is a daily log screen shot

Adding food to your log is super easy. You just choose the meal you want to add the food for and then search for the food item. There is a huge library of food, even fast food and resturant items for you to pick from.

Here is my food log for Monday April 20, 2009:

Don't you love the little pictures of food!

If you have an iPhone and you're trying to keep track of what you eat get Loose It! You can check out the web site for the app to learn more.

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