Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No more Jane at Walgreens

I guess Walgreens won't be selling Jane makeup any more.

What have you gotten now that it's on clearance?


  1. Starrlite10:11 PM

    The Walgreens out here in northern VA don't even sell Jane! I am truly upset!

  2. Leigh7:41 AM

    What!? JANE was the first brand I used when I first started wearing cosmetics in high school (late 90s). I remember flipping through Seventeen magazine and discovering it one day, then running to Walgreens with my after-school job money to buy it up! I even did my own (flawless! Brag, brag!) make-up for prom wearing all JANE, from my foundation to my smoky eyeshadow look. Ah, memories.... Bye, bye Jane.

  3. Leigh7:56 AM

    Hey, I just looked on their website, and they don't even make foundation in my color anymore. I guess not enough women of color used their foundation. But let me tell you, my skin looked amazing! I've since moved on to other brands, but the nostalgia's still there for my first brand.... It shouldn't be hard to find online though, but shipping and handling? Not when I can walk down the block to get any other brand.

  4. @Starrlite

    Sorry:( That clerance rack is still full at the Walgreens I visit. I wish they would mark it all down to .50!

    @ Leigh

    Great memories! I picked up 3 bronzers from them I can't wait to use.