Friday, May 12, 2006

Bizzy Fizz

The Cool Site of the Day- Bizzy Fizz

Description from the "About me" page on their site:

"Bizzy Fizz is a family owned and operated company. It was started by the brilliant mind of a six year old boy, who decided he loved bath fizzies so much he wanted to make them available to everyone. He came up with most of the names, ideas, ingredients, and we worked together to design and present the most wonderful product we could. After a lot of hard work, many flops, and wanting to quit--we made it happen.

We are dedicated to offering high quality natural bath treats designed to create a spa at home! Our products are handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients and the purest essential and fragrance oils. We would never put anything laden with chemicals in the bath with our children, and we would not sell them to you. When you try our exceptional products, you will understand there is a difference."

Visit the site .

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