Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ultimate DayBreak Spa Collection from DayBreak Lavender Farm

"Cocooning is so comforting isn't it? What is more romantic than sharing a hot tub or shower, the fragrance of pure essential oils, some great wine, even better music and maybe a little poetry thrown in? Nothing I can think of. It's intimate moments like these that remember for a lifetime!! And you can create them with this great kit that's perfect for anyone that wants to be at home in his and her own skin! The Basket includes:
1. DayBreak Body Candle*
2. Choice of Organic Lavender & Green Tea or Lavender Chamomile Spa Tea
3. Aroma Burner with A Trio Of Synergy Blends: Rebalance, Calm Down & Get Going.
4. Dry Body Brush
5. Thai Herbal Massage Ball
6. AromaBath Stress Melt *
7. AromaShower Creme*
8. AromaSoap *
9. Vodka splash *
10. Lust Dust Arrowroot Body Dusting Powder*
11. Extra Shot Of Moisture Body Balm*
12. Deluxe Karite Shea Butter *
FREE ... Countdown Guide To Your Ultimate Home Spa Experience.
With Complimentary FREE Coupons From The Heart!

The products with asterisks are available in a bunch of scents.

Create your own collection for layering or mix it up as you please."


Ultimate DayBreak Spa Collection, THE GIFT OF INNER PEACE from DayBreak Lavender Farm

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