Saturday, May 27, 2006

Zim's Crack Creme

The Cool Site of the Day- Zim's Crack Creme

Description from the "About me" page on their site:

"Zim's Crack Creme was developed by a pharmacist in Austintown, OH. Local cement workers frequently visited the pharmacy, complaining of dry, cracked skin; the cement business took its toll on the workers’ hands and feet.

The pharmacist saw a need, and began developing an all-natural, herbal-based liquid formula designed to help the cement workers. This formula became what was called Cement Workers' Lotion.

Cement Worker's lotion was sold locally after World War II, and it earned a strong and loyal following. After many years, the product was renamed Zim's Crack Creme and introduced on a national level.

This all-natural, pharmacist-developed formula is still offered today, along with a full line of natural skin care products under the Zim's name. Zim's Crack Creme can be found in nearly every major retailer in North America."

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