Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beauty Blogs to Bookmark(BBtB)

Today we have yet another edition of Beauty Blogs to Bookmark(BBtB)! I'm featuring three blogs today that I think are "Spa"riffic.

First up is Afrobella. This blog features makeup and hair reviews geared towared other "Afrobella's" as well as comentary on recent events in the news and the world of entertainment. It's updated daily and worth a look.

Next up is Product Girl. This blog features the latest in bath, body and makeup products. It's also updated daily.

Last but not least there's Cyblesays. This is an "online beauty magazine". It updates on the first of the month with a new issue full of bath, body and beauty products. It's been online for over 5 years!

Here's Home French Manicure Vid #12

Now it's time for today's HSG Show...

HSG Show #102

The Home Spa Goddess Show is a daily podcast to help you live the spa lifestyle at home!

In this episode - Nail News/ Home Spa Tips From Sally Beauty Supply / True Blue Spa / Love You From

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