Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and peaceful New Year's Day. There are a lot of exciting things in store for me, and The HSG Show in 2007. A new year is always a chance to to renew yourself, to reinvent yourself even. I've got a few New Year's resolutions:

*To take the time to put on some eye makeup everyday. I have soooo much stuff. It's time I started using it.

*To get a podcast out everyday. I LOVE podcasting! I'm still amazed by the technology and I've been using it for a year. I plan to use this medium, and all of the technologies created around it as much as possible in 2007.

*To use my Palm all the time. I plunked down $250 for a Tungsten E2 a year ago and it sat in a drawer for the last 10 months after I played with it for a week. Now that I have DSL it's crazy easy to get software for it and I've also become great with the Palm Desktop software (I tried the Missing Sync software - it doesn’t truly sync up your info). I've discovered some really great software and it's my new bff.

*To exercise more and loose weight. More on this later.

*To read more. How crazy is that for a librarian to say?!? I read a lot of books for Preschool - 4th graders, but not a lot of books (novels is what I mean - I'm constantly reading books for reference, etc.) Between the site, podcast, work and my business, forget it. But this year I want to read at least one novel a month.

I'm sure this list should be longer, but that's it for now. :)

Now it's time for today's HSG Show...

HSG Show #83

The Home Spa Goddess Show is a daily podcast to help you live the spa lifestyle at home!

In this episode - Relaxing Home Spa Mani/Pedicure with Ylang Ylang / Start Thinking About Valentines Day

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