Monday, July 30, 2007

I Love Bubble Baths!

I LOVE bubble baths and bath tubs, so I've decided to go on and on about them in this post:)

Let's get things rolling with Sunday night's bubble bath product, 100% Pure's Strawberry Lemonade Shower Gel. It created fluffy, long lasting bubbles and filled my bathroom with the sunshiny fragrance of strawberry lemonade. I bought my bottle from C.O. Bigelow in Water Tower for $13.

Today's tub is the Kaos geo 180. This model is embedded in the floor. That circular thing on the ceiling above the tub? It's the faucet. Yeah, you read correctly. The water comes down in over 20 individual streams and fills the tub. I need a house with 31 bathrooms, so I can bathe in a different bathroom enviroment every day.

I just have to add just one more pic to start your Monday off right...

Here is Johnny Depp in my favorite scene from "From Hell", a great thriller about Jack the Ripper by The Hughes Brothers. The first time I watched the movie was shocked and delighted to see the lead character, a male lead character no less, turn to a relaxing bath to end the day. I say "relaxing bath" because he had his absinthe setup right there next to the tub. So you know he planned to stay in there for a while:)

Have a beauty full Monday and take a bubble bath tonight if you can!

Summer's here and the livin' is easy. Really easy if you have some great bath and body products. Beat the heat and stay beautiful with some new beauty booty from the HSSC Summer Boutique. You deserve it!

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