Thursday, January 03, 2008

HSGTV Thursday #3

Happy New Year! My 2008 has to be better than my 2007. It just does. I'm encouraged by my start. HSGTV is picking up speed and I have great new products to share with you. Don't forget to subscribe!

HSGTV is bath, body and beauty television. I'll bring you reviews of mass market (think Walgreens) and Indie (think Bath and Body by Tracy) products. You can check out the latest episodes every Thursday here, or better yet subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the show!

Have you tried Veet cream hair remover? I hadn't until yesterday and boy was I impressed! I've seen this on the shelf and walked right on by, straight to my Sally Hansen Hair Remover. I think I have found a worthy substitute.

The VEET Rasera Bladeless Kit has left me with baby soft smooth legs, smoother than with my Sally Hansen products. But the SMELL! OMG! It was bad...really bad. But it left my legs so smooth....but it smelled sooo bad...hmmmm...what to do, what to do?

My legs are too smooth to go back to Sally Hansen. I'll just put a clothes pin on my nose:) This stuff really does work, and fast! The six minutes stated on the can was long enough. Every hair was gone. If they could just do something about that smell...


  1. I completely agree about the smell! It was terrible, like a perm that was about to go so, soo wrong back in my younger adolescent days - ack!

  2. What was up with that smell! But what did you think of the product? I was really happy with the results and the smell didn't linger on my legs.

  3. I think it worked pretty well, but I'm not sure I can handle the scent on a regular basis! ha!

  4. Hmm, not really into make up (forgiving eye shadow duo?) but LOVE the site. So pretty in pink. I shall return.