Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Beauty Bracket Round Four...

Time for Round 4 voting in the 2008 Beauty Bracket!

What's a bracket you ask? It's a cute layout that shows who's competing with who (or is that whom?) in a tournament. Just for fun I decided to make a bracket I'd want to fill out and I came up with the "Beauty Bracket".

What's better, salt or sugar scrubs? Cream or powder eyeshadow? Lipstick or lipgloss? I know what my vote is, what's yours? You can vote in each round for products in the Bath & Body Conference or the Makeup Conference or for both Conferences using the polls below.


How To Vote

Step 1:
View the bracket here. You can print it out to fill it in as you play along.

Step 2:
Decide what you are going to vote for (for example salt scrub or sugar scrub) then vote for that item in the poll.

Step 3:

Click the vote button.

That's it!


I'll announce the winners of each round as we go here and on HSG TV.

Here are the Round 3 Results:

Here are the *Revised* voting dates:

Round 1 voting ends March 6th
Round 2 voting ends March 10th
Round 3 voting ends March 16th
Round 4 voting ends March 21th
Final Round voting ends March 26th

Round 4 is going on now. I'll vote first:) Join in, I want to see what comes out on top, don't you? You can only vote once in each round.

2008 Beauty Bracket Bath & Body Conference Round 4 Choices

2008 Beauty Bracket Makeup Conference Round 4 Choices

Thanks to everyone who votes!

Just for the record, sugar scrubs are better.

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