Sunday, March 02, 2008

The HSG 2008 Beauty Bracket

Does the NCAA Hooplah ("Hoop" lah, get it? I'm here all week folks) bore you to tears? Well check out the only bracket that matters, the 2008 Beauty Bracket!

What's a bracket you ask? It's a cute layout that shows who's competing with who (or is that whom?) in a tournament. Just for fun I decided to make a bracket I'd want to fill out and I came up with the "Beauty Bracket".

What's better, salt or sugar scrubs? Cream or powder eyeshadow? Lipstick or lipgloss? I know what my vote is, what's yours? You can vote in each round for products in the Bath & Body Conference or the Makeup Conference or for both Conferences using the polls below.


How To Vote

Step 1:
View the bracket here. You can print it out to fill it in as you play along.

Step 2:
Decide what you are going to vote for (for example salt scrub or sugar scrub) then vote for that item in the poll.

Step 3:

Click the vote button.

That's it!


I'll announce the winners of each round as we go here and on HSG TV.

Here are the dates:

Round 1 voting ends March 6th
Round 2 voting ends March 11th
Round 3 voting ends March 16th
Round 4 voting ends March 21th
Final Round voting ends March 26th

Round one is going on now. I'll vote first:) Join in, I want to see what comes out on top, don't you? You can only vote once in each round.

2008 Beauty Bracket Bath & Body Conference Round 1 Choices

2008 Beauty Bracket Makeup Conference Round 1 Choices

Thanks to everyone who votes!

Just for the record, sugar scrubs are better.


  1. Fantastic idea, and this is *super* fun!! :) Thanks HSG!

  2. Hey BB!

    Glad you like it:) Thanks for voting!

  3. yay! when's the last day to fill out the brackets?

  4. Hi Nilla Cookie:)

    Round 1 voting ends on the 6th.

  5. Ack! I missed the voting, I thought I had until the end of the day today :(

    Sounds like fun, anyhow!

  6. Hey nilla,

    You can still vote in round 2:)