Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dove Supreme Cream Oil Sleek Satin Body Wash

This stuff is amazing! I think it beats my Olay Ribbons with Almond Oil, and that my friends, is a tough body wash
to beat.

The Dove site (which both sucks and blows) describes this as "a whipped blend of rich cream and lush softening oil. It's exceptionally moisturizing, sensationally lathering and indulging to senses." I agree.

I scored this for a $1 off in Target because of a coupon on the package. Regular price is $3.99.


  1. I love Dove Cream Oil!! And for $1 - gotta find my coupon too :)

  2. Hi Nilla:)

    There are $2 coupons you can print out online, too!

  3. Oh, that sounds so good! I've got to pick some up tonight.

  4. Wow, my screen name is "GetTheLook365", so I'm wondering why my name is being reduced to "get the"! At any rate, you have a great site. I'm going to visit this one again and again.