Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Island Beauty featuring Makeup Masala

While watching "Lost" online a few weeks ago, my thoughts drifted to beauty products. Let's say all of my basic needs ( food, water, shelter) are covered. What beauty products would I bring with me to a deserted island? What if I could only bring seven things? I would get an unlimited supply of these seven items, but I could only bring seven beauty items. What would I pick?

I posed this question to some of my favorite beauty bloggers and the answers were informative, thought provoking and funny! "Island Beauty" will be a Wednesday staple here on for the next few months starting today:)

Toma, the beauty behind the Makeup Masala beauty blog, is first up. Here is her "Island Beauty Shopping List":

1. Aussie Aussome Volume Texturizing Gel
2. Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hairspray
3. Avon Glazewear (lipgloss) in "Teddy Bear"
4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy body wash in "Orange Ginger"
5. Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration" conditioner
6. Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner in "Blackest Black"
7. Great Lash mascara in "Very Black"

Thanks Toma for sharing your list!

Check out Makeup Masala where Toma is "Bringin' it to you cheap and easy"!


Are you a beauty blogger? If you want to participate just email me your answer to this question:

You're stranded on a desert island where all of your basic needs (food, water, shelter) are taken care of. You are allowed an unlimited supply of only 7 beauty products. What seven products would you choose? They can be products for hair, face or body.

Email your list it to islandbeauty{at} with your blog url, blog name and your name. Put "Island Beauty" in the subject line.


  1. That's kinda hard to answer. It's cool reading about others' fav products though. It makes me want to try out their must-haves!

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