Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone App Review - Touch Closet

OMG! This app is perfect!

Touch Closet allows you to put your entire wardrobe on your iPhone. To add an item you just touch the + sign and and snap a picture. Or you can take all of the pics with your iPhone first (that's what I did) and then sort them in the application. Or take pics with your digital camera and put them or your computer, then your iPhone.

As you can see there are many categories so you're sure to find a way to sort your items that works for you.

This app even has a category for your underware! Still more to come...

Guess what? Even the categories have categories. I wish I had this many bags...

After you have all of you pics imported and sorted the fun starts - Planning  your outfits! You get to flip through your pics "Cover Flow" style. If you have a Mac you know what I'm talking about.

As you can see in the pic below you can assign details to every item- even designate it as a favorite (the star).

When you want to create an outfit you just hit the outfits button and then tap the plus sign. Here are all of the outfits I've created. Your outfits can also be searched "cover flow" style.

Here's the outfit creation page - I've combined all of these elements to make an outfit. You can even change the size of each of the pictures and move them around until you like the way your outfit "collage" looks. 

You can then save your "collage" to your iPhone's photo library for later:)

Touch Closet is the best! Get it at the iTunes App Store for free!

Late breaking news!!!

There is now a website that allows you to plan your clothes online : I haven't tried it yet, stay tuned...

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