Tuesday, November 14, 2006

[Body] Spa Lights

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I want these!!! I can't tell you how much I want these. This is the greatest invention since bubble bath. How cool would these look illuminating the tub at your next spa party?

Quote from the site:

"Whether you're basking in the bath or dancing in the shower, these waterproof Spa Lights are a must. You can stick them to the bottom and sides of your bath/shower with their little suckered foot, or let them float free in the water for that whole Bali flower petal spa feel. Flick off the bathroom lights, put on some schmoozy music and chill out with your own underwater lighting system. The original Spa Lights glow a sumptuous yellow, and the new Colour Phasing Spa Lights phase through a plethora of chill out colours. You can choose to have the Spa Lights as a pack of two, or as a pack of six, and one set of batteries will give you a mighty 120 hours of luscious light."

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