Monday, November 27, 2006

[Manicures] Holiday Hand Lotion at Ulta

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Whee! I scored at Ulta last Friday! Their Holiday Hand Lotion always factors into my gift giving. It also makes a great party favor, or "Emergency Gift".

The best thing about this lotion is that it's great lotion! Smooth, creamy, rich and long lasting. The scent level is just right. This lotion is always a hit.

This years scents are Very Merry Berry, Citrus Cream, Va Va Vanilla, and Hot Cocoa. The current price is 5 for $5. This is an amazing deal because the regular price is $3 a tube (!).

The sale price is until Dec. 8th here in Chicago. I bought $20 worth and I will be buying more. I usually give out "sets" that I wrap up hella cute.

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