Thursday, September 04, 2008

Beauty Supply Makeup

The video might need to load completely before you can watch it. If it stutters press pause and let the gray bar under the video fill in completely. Then press play again.

Products featured in today's show:
Various beauty supply store makeup:)


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Good morning friend, What is the name of the glitter eyeliners? Thanks!

  2. @anonymous

    Hi:) Those are Santee eyeliners.

  3. Paige(akaCamille2829 on youtube)3:57 PM

    I really appreciate that you're frugal and shop around. Especially with the economy today. I felt like I struck gold just the other day, when at TJ Maxx I found the Jaqua 3-pack of shower creams. I had seen you're video about it and went the next day but no luck...well yesterday (about a month later and some stealth digging) found two packages for $8 bucks each! Yea me! Got them both. One will be an extra Christmas gift. Love your posts and thank you for bringing us the good deals!